Justin Bieber - Freedom. - EP

Freedom. - EP

Justin Bieber

  • Genre: Gospel
  • Release Date: 2021-03-25
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 6

  • ℗ 2021 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Title Artist Time
Freedom Justin Bieber & Beam 2:45 USD 1.29 | Download
All She Wrote (feat. Brandon L Justin Bieber 3:54 USD 1.29 | Download
We're In This Together Justin Bieber 3:01 USD 1.29 | Download
Where You Go I Follow (feat. P Justin Bieber 3:32 USD 1.29 | Download
Where Do I Fit In (feat. Tori Justin Bieber 4:46 USD 1.29 | Download
Afraid To Say (feat. Lauren Wa Justin Bieber 4:22 USD 1.29 | Download
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Other comments

Hayley is seriously 10 times better than Fergie, her voice is way lovelier than Fergie's. We're sorry Fergie,but you need to stick to rapping and songwriting and quit singing. I feel like she has a way lovelier voice than Fergie, Fergie needs to stick to rapping and songwriting!... (2018-08-23 23:42:25)

Ariana is going along the lines of more rhythm than just pop which is amazing and I have no words for how good this album is ... (2018-08-23 22:47:37)

His music was way more real before he got out of jail a couple years ago. Now he’s just making mainstream music with no energy... (2018-12-08 11:32:47)

Clearly never saw the movie or have something against her. Sorry that you never found your chance at stardom (you sad incel wannabes), but it’s just pathetic to take it out on someone who did.... (2018-12-08 11:11:25)

I think this album succeeds perfectly at what it tries to be. It never seems like it tries to be something and fails. Cash Cash knew what they wanted to create, and did so. It's a great pop album. The songs are energetic, upbeat, and catchy. They're fun to listen to. So if that's what you're looking for, then this is a good album to get. I'd als...... (2018-08-26 13:46:28)


  • Huh

    By Winter Retreat 2020
    How do you write a gospel album about Jesus and have a explicit song???????? This is crap stop trying
  • Music for my soul.

    By Didi93
    It’s amazing. So proud of the man he has become. To those who come here to drag on it and criticize, or just be plain mean...clearly you need Jesus. What have you don’t lately to give back or uplift?
  • Beautiful music

    By BostonGal2010
    I love the whole album!

    By absohio
    Thank you Justin. For living your life out loud. For releasing heaven everywhere you walk. For giving us these songs for us to worship to. To allow us to praise Him alongside you. For sharing what Christ has done in and for you with all of us. You are loved.
  • Authentic

    By Matt m11
    Really solid. Much respect for him.

    By Jadekelley
    First of all this is beautiful and good for you doing the work of God. You are being honest and real. I respect you and this EP!!!!
  • Thoughts

    By Mmargaret220
    I love this EP! So much behind all that is being said. I have cried more than once listening and pondering the journey we are all on to end up with amazing realization that there is nobody like JESUS.
  • About time

    By Rambozy
    The song Where You Go I Follow is 🔥
  • God is working!!!!

    By Ball-Out 777
    Love this album!!!! God has done and is doing a great work in you Justin!!! Fellow Christians instead of hating on him for cussing pray for him man!!!! God is working in him and through him in this!!!! God bless you Justin!!!
  • Selena outsold

    By jenniejxiiii
    Keep trying Justin but everything so far has been a flop. Changes, justice, and now freedom?? It really was the end when Selena left.

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