TAEMIN - Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 2 - The 3rd Album

Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 2 - The 3rd Album


  • Genre: K-Pop
  • Release Date: 2020-11-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • ℗ 2020 SM Entertainment


Title Artist Time
IDEA TAEMIN 3:13 USD 1.29 | Download
Heaven TAEMIN 3:02 USD 1.29 | Download
Impressionable TAEMIN 3:01 USD 1.29 | Download
Be Your Enemy (feat. WENDY) TAEMIN 3:35 USD 1.29 | Download
Think Of You TAEMIN 3:18 USD 1.29 | Download
Exclusive TAEMIN 3:23 USD 1.29 | Download
Pansy TAEMIN 3:49 USD 1.29 | Download
I Think It’s Love TAEMIN 3:34 USD 1.29 | Download
Identity TAEMIN 3:01 USD 1.29 | Download
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I love playing for change, what a jam? We've so much talent around world.. All the songs are awesome, usually cover songs are not as good as the originals but this don't applies fo Playing for Change. I recommend you download the complete album or video watever suits you. These songs will make your day, will bring tears of joy(atleast it did for...... (2018-08-24 00:21:04)

This is yet another great album... Panic! Has had some ups and some downs (like the majority of the original members leaving) but this is definitely one of the many triumphs of P!ATD. I discovered Panic this summer at age 11. For my 12th birthday I received tickets to my first Panic! Concert, and my first concert in general. I share this informa...... (2018-12-08 11:15:23)

Yo! It’s your boy Danny playing solo,AY! you know who's getting all those VICROYS! fortnite! fortnite! what’s the point of building forts you're going nite nite fortnite! fortnite! what’s the point of building forts you're going nite nite John Wick coming with the wee bucks ask mommy for the visa Skirt,skirt Choppin' trees Mickey D's shootin spr...... (2018-11-28 16:01:04)

Adele’s songs are about heartbreak. Lauren’s songs are about turning to religion. Adele is British. Lauren is from Louisiana. Aside from being female singers, I don’t see how they r alike. And even if they are so what? Adele is great so if you think that’s going to offend Lauren it’s really just a compliment. And no Lauren is not stealing Adele’...... (2018-08-23 22:28:21)

This is one of my favorite songs in the whole world I can listen to this song again and again because that’s how good it is and let me tell you if you want a song to while you are in the car and you need some music you should listen to demons or despacio... (2018-08-23 23:28:22)


  • Talented Artist

    By jjjyyyyyjyjyjyjy
    definitely one of my favorite albums released by Taemin! Songs I love from this album are IDEA (title song), Heaven, and Pansy! Please check out his other songs, music videos and stage performances - Move - Want - Day and Night - Sexuality ... and more!
  • King of Kpop

    By ydufjdydhfn
    Surprise me every time with his vocal skills!! Don’t ever underestimate my guy Taemin with his vocals and dance moves he’ll always deliver... ALWAYS!😊
  • Never disappoints

    By TkY_4
    I believe the is one of the best albums to come out this year Please stream IDEA And vote Taemin for MAMA
  • Act 2 finishes the saga.

    By tashesk
    Taemin has released a three-part series that culminates with this release as the finale of his cinematic journey, from 2KIDS to Criminal to IDEA. I highly recommend listening to them as a sequence, but for me this album is the climax I was hoping for ever since I realised the title track would have to be bigger and better as then-unreleased Heaven. A masterpiece again, as we've come to expect from Taemin, who bucks the trends and does exactly what he wants to do, what sets him apart and what makes him a legend in his own right.
  • Legend 🔥🔥🔥

    By Jbob24505
    Taemin did it once again!!! 👏🏽🔥
  • Amazing

    By pearlaquadin
    Taemin outdid himself again. Every song in this album is amazing.
  • Thank You Taemin.

    By tinypplrock
    He really gave us the two best albums of the year. incredible vocals, unique production, and a journey you will keep replaying over and over. thank you for this masterpiece.
  • Great!!!

    By Mel0ody
    Really like his songs 👍
  • A Masterpiece

    Taemin delivers another perfect album! His creativity and artistic talent knows no bounds. Shawols & Taemin fighting!
  • best album

    By zeide_peace
    every song is really fantastic!