Ariana Grande - thank u, next

thank u, next

Ariana Grande

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2019-02-08
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 2019 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Title Artist Time
imagine Ariana Grande 3:32 USD 1.29 | Download
needy Ariana Grande 2:51 USD 1.29 | Download
NASA Ariana Grande 3:02 USD 1.29 | Download
bloodline Ariana Grande 3:36 USD 1.29 | Download
fake smile Ariana Grande 3:28 USD 1.29 | Download
bad idea Ariana Grande 4:27 USD 1.29 | Download
make up Ariana Grande 2:20 USD 1.29 | Download
ghostin Ariana Grande 4:31 USD 1.29 | Download
in my head Ariana Grande 3:42 USD 1.29 | Download
7 rings Ariana Grande 2:58 USD 1.29 | Download
thank u, next Ariana Grande 3:27 USD 1.29 | Download
break up with your girlfriend, Ariana Grande 3:10 USD 1.29 | Download
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Other comments

This is... Well this is a mix of good and lame songs. There are a lot of bops on this album, obviously. God's Plan. In My Feelings. Nice For What. I'm Upset. Nonstop. But then there's a lot of songs that I just wouldn't listen to. I don't know. Imma give it four cause I really love those five songs, and a couple others. I don't know if the whole...... (2018-08-23 22:48:00)

On the plus side I liked a couple of the tunes out of 10. These songs basically sound like tunes by committee. Well crafted lightweight whiffle. The singer deserves all the accolades she gets, especially with this material. The whole project is light in the loafers to me, or as my daughter put it, ‘Ehhhh”. I was hoping for something as strong as...... (2018-08-24 00:13:31)

I love Jess Glynne’s sound and mood of her music. Always puts me in a positive/happy state of mind. I loved the last album & can’t wait for the rest of this one to drop!!... (2018-08-23 23:16:18)

I’ve enjoyed all of FOB’s music through the years and this EP is such a sweet blend of their new and old sounds. MANIA was fun, but some songs strayed a little to far from their roots for me. This EP is a great throwback while still experimenting. Please PLEASE do more work like this going forward.... (2018-08-24 00:22:23)

Wow! Riley, these are AWESOME SONGS!!! My favorite song is “Saving Me”. Thank you for all the encouraging, good-feel, and appropriate music that we all need to hear!... (2018-08-23 23:58:15)


  • YASSSSS 🖤💋🪐

    By P!nkFlamingo🦩💗💅🏾
    Thank you next is that b/tch I’m so proud of Ariana , although it does get old pretty fast but some songs doesn’t (nasa , buwyg, ib , 7 rings , and of course thank u, next ) so awesome I love how it was a darker version of sweetener amazing album
  • This sh*t

    By K3021
    So basic. Honey, what are you doing? Everything you do now days sounds the same.
  • Haters, BACK OFF

    By 💩GAMER🤡
    You haters, your jus mad because of what happened with Mac Miller. No one needs to hear the MESS that’s coming out of you hateful mind. #goodvibesonly Try to support a girl whose ex boyfriend just died ♾❤️ to Ariana and her music 🎶
  • Yeet...

    By 🦄🦄 magic candy
    I’m sorry, I took off two stars because of 1 song. Thank u, next.thats a no for me. I mean it’s ok to right songs about you’re relationships. It’s not that bad a song, but you have a limit on your originality. Which brings me to the ranking: ps. Sorry if I offended any Ari Nators, it’s just my opinion. 1.God is a woman. number 1 fave 2.No Tears Left To Cry (FAV) 3.Breathin’ 4.Break Up With You’re Girlfriend, I’m bored. Second fav 5.Dangerous Woman. only as a ringtone type 6.Side To Side. Honestly love 7.7 rings. Rich Bi**h 8.Break Free, awesome message 9.Focus, I hate the old man 10. One Last Time, it’s al right 11. Thank U, Next, NO.
  • Why Are These LITERALLY Almost The Exact Same Songs??

    By CountryOverdriver
    I just realized that the song, Seven Rings, is the same rhythm(and even words!) as the old Christmas song, My Favorite Things by Andy Williams! I listened to both, and they are almost the EXACT SONGS! I don’t know if this was supposed to happen on purpose, but I don’t think it was.
  • LOVE IT!..but some minor problems

    By Anon1212112123
    This album is awesome! The songs are so catchy and fun, I love it! The music vids too! But i do have some small problems. In 7 Rings I’m kind of getting a flexing vibe, and i dont really like it. I know its just a song, but it has a lot of bragging about “riches” and how much you have, so therefore its not really my fav... i wish you would stick to a more softer vibe, but these songs are still great!
  • Trash

    By selfetishs
  • Ew Ariana ur a thot

    By kidkuchi
  • Ariana ain’t playin 🔥👌🏻

    By cutegurl101
    I love all your songs! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Ok

    By hoodie_girl56

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