Sabrina Carpenter - Singular Act I

Singular Act I

Sabrina Carpenter

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2018-11-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 8

  • ℗ 2018 Hollywood Records, Inc.


Title Artist Time
Almost Love Sabrina Carpenter 3:32 USD 0.99 | Download
Paris Sabrina Carpenter 3:38 USD 0.99 | Download
Hold Tight (feat. Uhmeer) Sabrina Carpenter 2:55 USD 0.99 | Download
Sue Me Sabrina Carpenter 2:59 USD 0.99 | Download
prfct Sabrina Carpenter 2:46 USD 0.99 | Download
Bad Time Sabrina Carpenter 3:04 USD 0.99 | Download
Mona Lisa Sabrina Carpenter 2:18 USD 0.99 | Download
Diamonds Are Forever Sabrina Carpenter 3:49 USD 0.99 | Download
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All of you are saying auto tune and be original, freaking you sing like him Jason is the best and he doesn't care about you stupid people it's heartless what you say about him. I like his singing! Also if you hate it so much then why listen to it also it takes you freaking 10 seconds to write something. Useless you people are jerks saying that h...... (2018-08-26 13:41:45)

Gorillaz since the beginning have been a band that breaks the boundaries of genre while at the same time creating a unique and inspiring sound. Their self titled, plastic beach, d-sides, demon days, the fall have multiple songs that are superb. If not the album in its entirety has great songs. The poetry and lyrical quality has always been not o...... (2018-08-24 00:05:16)

Wow.. can't believe this is chart topping rap. His voice is auto tuned out, so he can't sing or hit notes. His rapping is god awful, and all of the production sounds nearly identical.... (2018-08-23 23:04:06)

I’m so proud of how far they’ve come with their music. Their music has clearly evolved and every single song on the album is a bop! I can’t wait to hear these songs live at my concert 10/5/18!... (2018-08-23 22:46:14)

Samsara is the Hindu realm of reincarnation, and GVF have re-incarnated a muscular genre of rock, not only as a love-letter to th 70s, but also as an exercise in precision rock music sadly lacking in so many auto-tuned, dynamically-compressed, and machine-mediated music. Exciting, driven, energetic, and wonderful. The elders of the gentle race g...... (2018-08-23 23:27:59)


  • Love Sabrina!

    By L2Mfan
    I love this album. My favs are: Sue me, diamonds are forever, Paris, and Almost Love. Keep going what your doing it’s always great!!!!!
  • I’m really surprised

    By Cooooookie lover 🍪🍪🍪
    1st off I wanna say how far she’s grown, she’s 20 and a young lady now I’m very proud of her this album is so awesome I have to say it wasn’t as relatable as evolution probably because it’s singular 😂😂😂🖤🖤🖤 but either way I loved it . I think I still have a problem with hold tight . But it’s ok because she’s 20 and at least it wasn’t explicit or disgusting . But I love u 🖤🖤🖤 and 😁❤️👎👉🏽😁 or however you say your name I can get on her back because it’s my opinion so ... if you want her to be explicit your not a real fan
  • Girl

    By musicalkindofperson
    This rocks!
  • DA BEST 👌

    By liv🥰🥰
    OMG this is amazing Sabrina u rock all of ur songs albums & other music is the best u can check out her other amazing songs such as :: Alien 👽,Thumbs👍,smoke & fire 🔥, Take on the world 🌎 ,I’m fakin🤐, in my bed 🛌, & Pushing 20 on Spotify,iTunes,YouTube music,SoundCloud,Pandora,Google Play Music,Music Cloud,Amazon music, & mule have fun listing
  • A work of art

    By Azreal Asad
    Sabrina’s newest album is almost as beautiful as she is.
  • Amazing

    By Sunflower56Sun
  • Sabrina

    By 😁👌❤️🥐👎👉😁
    STOP GETTING ON HER BACK FOR “HOLD TIGHT” she is a grown woman/adult and can sing about what ever she wants to sing about. Hold tight is personally my favorite song on the album and I think it shows how much Sabrina has grown since her Disney days
  • :D

    By Sioxante-Nuef
    Sabrina , more like cest un fille incroyable
  • Singular Act 1

    By -Chana
    My favorite album of all time. Truly beautiful. Keep up the amazing work, Sabrina! Can’t wait for more music!
  • Love

    By davetta haywood 11

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